Vettings or pre-purchase examinations are designed to protect you when you are contemplating buying a new horse.

We would always advise that you have a 5-stage vetting performed but the process can be shortened by omitting the exercise phases into a 2-stage process. By omitting the extra phases we are less likely to detect lameness and other problems that may be performance-limiting. X-rays and ultrasound scans can be performed at the same time to look for common causes of lameness and are recommended for competition horses that are changing hands for large sums.

To perform a vetting we require a:

  • Flat, smooth, hard area for trotting the horse up
  • Safe area to exercise the horse
  • Stable or similar area where the light can be dimmed

If these facilities are not available or if diagnostic imaging is to be performed as part of the pre-purchase process then vettings can be performed at the hospital.

It is important to remember that in performing a vetting we are acting on behalf of the purchaser and can only discuss our findings with them or anyone they authorise us to speak to. If we are the seller’s regular vet then we are duty-bound to disclose the horse’s previous history to the purchaser.

We will always attempt to speak to the purchaser prior to the examination so that we understand their intentions for the horse. Our examinations and conclusions will be tailored to your requirements.