Horse Owners

Our services for horse owners include routine healthcare, lameness investigations, vettings, surgeries and diagnostic imaging, and our expert team members are happy to advise on all aspects of equine care.

On-the-road team

Our ambulatory team are able to bring the highest levels of veterinary care to your yard, and offer onsite visits for horse owners across Scarborough, Hull, Whitby, Selby, York, Bridlington, Goole, Beverley, Malton and everywhere in between.

We can provide:

  • Dedicated equine vets with almost 100 years of combined experience.
  • Royal College Certificate holders in internal medicine and equine practice.
  • The latest portable x-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound and gastroscopy equipment.
  • Cutting edge dental equipment.
  • Direct communication with hospital-based specialists.
  • Immediate access to the north’s largest full service specialist equine hospital.
  • A 24/7 ambulatory emergency service.

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Rainbow Equine

Routine Healthcare

Dentistry, vaccinations, Smart Plan Worming and health checks.

Rainbow Equine

Lameness and Poor Performance Investigations

Lameness, diagnostic imaging, poor performance and therapeutics.

Rainbow Equine

Vettings and Pre-purchase Examinations

A pre-purchase examination or vetting is a thorough clinical examination.

Rainbow Equine


Standing surgery, emergency surgery and anaesthesia

Rainbow Equine


Anaesthesia specialist and our anaesthesia facilities.

Rainbow Equine

Diagnostic Imaging

MRI, CT, Nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan), Radiography, Ultrasound and our Standing CT

Rainbow Equine

Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology

Internal medicine, travelling medicine service and ophthalmology

Rainbow Equine

Colic and Critical Care

Intensive care unit, Isolation and neonatal ICU

Rainbow Equine

Treatments and Therapeutics

We offer the most recent in treatment modalities.

Rainbow Equine


Investigation and treatment.

Rainbow Equine

Wobbler Diagnosis and Surgery

Evaluation, assessment, CT myelography, wobbler surgery, medication of the neck and cervical joint arthroscopy

Rainbow Equine

Overground Endoscopy

Our Videomed overground endoscopy system is used either onsite or on the local gallops

Rainbow Equine


Owner information for end of life, insurance and appointments.