Our laboratory

Our laboratory receives samples from across the UK and abroad. By combining the skills of experienced laboratory technicians with experts in equine internal medicine, reproduction and surgery, we provide an exceptional service for the region.

We offer quality, accurate, fast results and a bespoke service. In addition to generating results, we provide interpretations and support from clinicians who are recognised experts in their respective fields and work in busy private equine practices.

Testing is also subject to both internal and external quality assurance procedures.

Laboratory Contact Details

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 Our practice provides laboratory support to veterinary practices and trainers across North Yorkshire, and we offer an extensive range of in-house services and can advise on more specialist analysis.

Please get in touch to discuss specific test requirements or request a copy of our laboratory services booklet.

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Clinical Chemistry

We offer a complete range of clinical chemistry in-house, utilising the very latest technology.


The capacity of our analysers enables us to cope with a high throughput of samples and generate results for urgent clinical cases first thing in the morning followed by routine fitness bloods and screens for subclinical disease.

If your samples are urgent, please indicate in the history and we will prioritise them at no extra charge.

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Haematology and Cytology

We use the latest automated analysers and manual film reading to ensure the accuracy of our haematology and cytology results.


Use of the latest digital microscopes also enables us to capture images and, if necessary, obtain interpretations from recognised specialists in haematology and cytology fast and at no extra cost to you.

Respiratory cytology is an area of expertise within the laboratory and we are pleased to handle large numbers of tracheal wash and bronchoalveolar lavage samples.

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Conventional and molecular microbiology are central to our service.


Antimicrobial susceptibility testing is performed to EUCAST standards, and we are able to provide minimum inhibitory concentrations on request.

Interpretations include appropriate advice on the significance of isolates, facilitating appropriate diagnosis and antimicrobial use.

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We offer a wide range of endocrine assays and are actively researching in this area.


Endocrinology is an area of interest within the laboratory, with the clinicians involved having published widely on endocrine diseases associated with both laminitis and equine reproduction. 

We have a strong history of bringing novel endocrinological testing to the equine market as part of the management of equine metabolic syndrome, and continue to work closely with vets and nutritionists to promote management of this condition.

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We offer routine examinations for parasites and arthrospores.


These examinations are best combined with microbial culture, molecular techniques and often histology to investigate dermatological disease.

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Infectious Disease Testing

We can perform a range of serological and molecular tests for the diagnosis of infectious disease.


Some tests offer greater validity and repeatability than others, and we combine in-house and external testing to ensure that you receive the most reliable results.

We also provide appropriate interpretations of the results and telephone support to assist you in navigating the clinical and political minefield of infectious disease outbreaks.

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If package prices, educational material or internet-based databases for recording results would be of help in your practice, please contact us.


With ever-increasing anthelmintic resistance, the use of faecal analysis to target anthelmintic treatments is paramount, and we offer highly competitive pricing to enable you to provide targeted worming packages with an edge over internet providers.

Further discounts are available for bulk samples, and to encourage faecal egg count reduction testing we will run the second of paired samples free of charge (within three weeks of the first).

Recent publications demonstrate the disconnect between horse owners and vets, and we are keen to help you reverse this trend within your practice.

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We offer a full range of services to optimise and facilitate stud work.

With rapid turn-around and a seven day-a-week service on request. Urgent results are provided early in the morning. 

We are accredited by the HBLB to provide results of CEM testing, both by culture and PCR, and test for both EVA and EIA in-house to comply with pre-breeding and sales requirements.