Referral dental services, specialist dental and orthopaedic facilities.

Hospital referrals from veterinary surgeons or equine dental technicians are seen by Moses Brennan MRCVS, who is well respected in the field of equine dentistry and has extensive experience of oral and head surgery.

Joe Mackinder sees cases in the hospital, as well as on the road, and is a BAEDT accredited dental technician.

All of our ambulatory vets have undergone training in equine dentistry, and are equipped with modern motorised equipment to carry out routine dental rasping at your yard.

All of our ambulatory vets are experienced in equine dentistry and have undergone additional training in this area. They may also suggest that more advanced dental procedures are performed at our hospital.

Referral dental services

We take dental referrals from veterinary surgeons and equine dental technicians across the north of England for advanced dental procedures.

All dental procedures are performed under standing sedation and local anaesthetic nerve blocks, which removes any risk associated with general anaesthesia.

Services include:

  • Diagnosis of complex dental disease with CT, which allows for accurate identification of subtle pathology and thorough planning of the most appropriate treatment for your patients.
  • Extraction of teeth, including cheek teeth, incisors and canines, using oral extraction techniques, along with more complex techniques for challenging extractions, including minimally invasive transbuccal, screw extraction, minimally invasive Steinmann pin repulsion, surgical extraction and endoscopically guided fragment removal.
  • Treatment of infundibular caries with restorations.
  • Treatment of selected dental fractures with endodontic repair.
  • Treatment of bony fractures of the jaw and skull by surgical repair.
  • Treatment of sinus infections/masses with sinus surgery, from minimally invasive sinus surgery to performing bone flaps for extensive disease.
  • Treatment of periodontal disease including; cleaning, widening or bridging of diastema.

Specialist dental and orthopaedic facilities

We have a full complement of advanced diagnostic imaging facilities, allowing for accurate diagnosis of dental disease in the horse, along with investigation of poor performance or biting problems.

Our hospital is equipped with:

  • Computed tomography CT for accurate diagnosis.
  • Cutting edge extraction techniques and equipment.
  • Minimally invasive Steinman pin repulsion.
  • Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction.
  • Oral endoscopy.
  • Equipment for dental restorations and endodontic therapy.