Colic and Critical Care

Intensive care unit, isolation and neonatal ICU

We have an experienced and caring team on site 24/7, 365 days per year. 

Our two internal medicine specialists (ECEIM and ACVIM) are uniquely equipped in the North East to care for colics, sick-foals and other cases that necessitate intensive nursing and veterinary care.

A team of vets who live onsite, dedicated surgical and medical specialist vet and nursing support, one to one nursing, camera surveillance monitoring in all boxes, a plasma and blood bank on site, oxygen support on site, on site 24/7 laboratory mean we can provide the best round-the-clock care that should be given to a sick horse.

Two new surgery suites mean there is a dedicated emergency theatre that allows colic surgery to be performed whilst simultaneously continuing with the busy elective surgery caseload.

Intensive care unit

Our team can keep a close eye on each patient’s progress, and have access to dedicated ICU boxes with camera surveillance, a dedicated ICU nurse and veterinary monitoring for each case, intensive monitoring and access to our onsite laboratory.


We have dedicated isolation boxes for horses with potential infectious conditions, camera surveillance facilities, infectious disease specialists monitoring the care of each patient and dedicated vets and vet nurses available to monitor cases 24/7.

Neonatal ICU

We have four neonatal ICU boxes next to our mare stalls, so that mares and foals are never separated, and automated pumps to ensure accuracy of fluid and drug administration.

We also offer one-on-one nursing care with our dedicated neonatal specialist team, enabling the close monitoring of sick foals.