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Pre-purchase Examinations

From 1st pony to elite equine athlete – our FEI qualified vets ensure you purchase well
What is it?

A PPE or ‘Vetting’ is a thorough clinical examination carried out on behalf of a potential purchaser to identify and assess factors which may affect the horses suitability for its intended use.
It is a standardized examination protocol adopted by all UK equine vets that ensures a rigorous and methodical evaluation to help make the right decision.

Types of Examination

The most comprehensive exam is a 5 Stage PPE, which comprehensively evaluates the horse at rest, under exercising conditions and pre and post exercise. The 2 Stage PPE involves the first 2 stages of the 5 Stages being equally rigorously performed.
However, the omission of the final three stages risks not detecting some potential problems so we would advise in most cases performing a full 5 stage PPE.

All of our vets have the necessary minimum 5 years of equine only veterinary experience and knowledge of the disciplines to ensure that you are given sound advice and a no-nonsense opinion on the horse’s suitability for purchase.

Where radiographs, videos, ultrasound or endoscopic procedures are necessary or desired then these can be performed onsite as part of the PPE.

A full verbal and written report of the PPE findings will be communicated to you

We perform many PPE on behalf of international clients and with 6 FEI treating vets onsite or on the road have the expertise to ensure the job is done effectively, efficiently and comprehensively

Depending upon the value of a horse, a vetting may also be requested by an insurance company before they might offer a policy of veterinary cover. Whilst a veterinary examination for insurance purposes may follow the same format as a PPE the two should not be interpreted as the same; the former will not include a clinical opinion or discussion of suitability for intended use and can only be performed once an animal has been purchased

What do we need

To perform a vetting we require:

– Flat, firm surface for trotting the horse
– An area to lunge the horse – both firm and soft
– An area to perform ridden assessment at walk, trot and canter
– A darkened stable or examination area
– The horse’s passport

If these facilities are not available or if diagnostic imaging is to be performed as part of the pre-purchase process then vettings can be performed at the hospital.

It is important to remember that in performing a vetting we are acting on behalf of the purchaser and can only discuss our findings with them or anyone they authorise us to speak to. If we are the seller’s regular vet then we are duty-bound to disclose the horse’s previous history to the purchaser.