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Lameness and Poor Performance Investigation

Trustworthy vets, first class imaging and up to date treatment options with immediate back up from expert specialists in medicine, surgery, imaging and anesthesia


An eye to recognize lameness:
This includes conformational assessment, palpation and examination at walk, trot and canter, on hard and soft surfaces in hand and under saddle.

Experience to know what to do next
Blocking, imaging, resting or treating – our vets will know what to do for the best

Knowledge of the discipline to get your horse back to work

Diagnostic Imaging

Latest digital equipment with the expertise to interpret the findings all on your yard

Services include:

  • Digital x-ray and ultrasound
  • Endoscopy of the airways, sinuses, the stomach and uterus
  • Overground (exercising) endoscopy to detect abnormalities that limit performance
  • Equigait Computerised Lameness analysis – Subtle or multilimb lameness can be teased out with this computerized system ensuring no lameness is missed

Poor Performance

My horse is ‘just not right’
Our vets have the time, the expertise and equipment to figure out why your horses performance is not up to scratch. From lameness and neurological evaluation, reproductive examination, gastroscopy to exercising evaluation of the respiratory and cardiac systems using exercising ECGs and overground endoscopy we are fully equipped and ready to tackle the simple to complex performance limiting conditions.

In some cases your horse may require more advanced imaging which can be arranged directly with the hospital on the day.


Our vets can provide a full compliment of treatment options to ensure that your horse is afforded the most up to date and effective treatments. A ‘multi-modal’ horse specific treatment plan ensures your horse is given the best chance to return to work.

The latest therapeutics on offer at REH include:
Shockwave, Class IV laser therapy, PRP, IRAP, ACS, Stem cell therapy

Collaborative team approach with your physio and farrier to ensure we are working to get the best result