From November to February (inclusive) we will be offering a package of winter health checks and advice at preferential rates for existing clients

What is included?

In a winter health check we will:

  • Perform an oral examination, perform basic routine dental and advise on further preventative strategies for oral health
  • Perform a full physical examination including assessment of heart and lungs
  • Examine for signs of lameness, back pain or other orthopaedic disease
  • Collect and run a blood sample to check for liver, kidney and intestinal disease
  • Run blood tests to check for infection or inflammation
  • Check both eyes
  • Discuss your de-worming plans for the next 12 months
  • Discussion of body condition and advice on diet and feeding
  • Provide advice on endocrine disease and the prevention of laminitis
  • Discuss any other concerns you may have


Recent studies have shown that horse owners are keen to engage more with their vets to improve the health of their horses. The studies show that you are particularly concerned about preventing diseases such as laminitis, Cushing’s (PPID), metabolic syndrome, joint disease and strangles and are keen to to ensure that you are managing your horses’ worming protocols and diet appropriately. Although we can hold client evenings and post on facebook there is no substitute for personal contact and advice specific to your horse.

In addition, veterinary medicine has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years and we can do far more to prevent disease before it develops. We don’t want to be dealing with problems after your horse is suffering, we want to spot the problems that they would be telling us about if they were able to.

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What is the cost?

£98 + VAT representing a considerable saving on normal fees.

Visit charges are not included but will be shared if more than one horse is checked at the same yard. Vaccinations, further dental work and any additional treatments are not included but all extra work performed at the time will be subject to a 10% discount on normal fees.

Winter Health Checks