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Standing Surgery at Rainbow Equine Hospital

Many procedures that formerly required General Anesthesia are now done standing thanks to
advanced techniques utilised by our surgeons. This completely takes away any risk of anaesthesia
making it safer for the horse as well as reducing costs associated with anaesthesia The horses are all
monitored throughout the procedures as if they were under general anaesthesia by vets trained in
anaesthesia. The procedures include:

Standing Tie Back

Laryngeal prosthesis – tie back surgery – is now done in most cases standing by the surgical team at Rainbow. This enables us to perform the procedure free from the risk of anaesthesia and with a more accurate placement of the suture through the larynx in most cases.

Standing hobdays

We perform hobdays standing with the use of laser meaning no open incisions and accurate and fast healing times. Most laser hobdays will be back in work at 4 weeks post operatively.

Standing fracture repair

Many fractures are more amenable to being repaired standing – At Rainbow we are one of the only equine hospitals to have a standing CT unit that enables us to perform a CT prior to fracture repair if needed. This means no risk of fracture complications during an anaesthetic recovery making it a much safer procedure for the horse.

Standing dorsal spinous process resection for kissing spines

We routinely perform both interspinous ligament desmotomies (ligament snipping) and dorsal spinous process resection for kissing spines standing. The horses are monitored by a veterinary anaesthetist who is working independently from the surgeon to ensure the horse is comfortable, monitored and suitably sedated throughout the procedure.

Standing penile amputation

Tumours of the penile shaft and the skin are unfortunately common especially in the older horse.
We have developed techniques that take away the risk of anaesthesia and enable removal of masses and complete amputation of the penis if needed all done standing. Surgeons work with anaesthetists to effectively block the surgical site to enable it to be done without your horse feeling anything at all.

Class IV laser therapy, Shockwave therapy, mesotherapy, PRP, IRAP and the latest joint medications including polyacrilamide gels, anabolic steroids enable the specialists to make the right choice for the right condition at the most appropriate time.

Standing tooth removal and sinus surgery

Tooth extractions, fillings and all sinus surgery is now routinely performed standing with sedation and localised blocking using specialist techniques that have been developed at Rainbow Equine Hospital over the past 15 years. As one of the only hospitals to have standing head CT capabilities giving us a complete 3D evaluation of the sinus, teeth and anatomy of the head, we are confident that we can accurately diagnose and effectively treat your horse with minimally invasive techniques

Standing laproscopic removal of retained testicles

Retained testicles (cryptorchid) surgery in which the testicle is retained within the abdomen is performed routinely at Rainbow standing using keyhole surgery. This takes away any need for big incisions, reduces the need for prolonged rest as the incisions are so small and means there is no need for anaesthesia making it safer for the horse.

Standing laproscopic removal of ovaries

In mares in which there is evidence of abnormalities of the ovary that require removal of the ovary this is done standing with keyhole surgery routinely at Rainbow Equine Hospital. It is less invasive, meaning a shorter time out of work and no risk of recovering from an anesthetic.