We don’t charge for advice – please contact our On the Road team to discuss your concerns

Ask us about de-worming to reduce your drug use and prevent resistance, about endocrine disease and the prevention of laminitis, or anything else you want to know more about. We’re here to help!

Between November and February inclusive we offer discounted health checks to try and detect problems early and to give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have. For more information see the Winter Health checks page. For any questions that you have relating to worming please email worming@rainbowequinehospital.co.uk or view our Worming information leafletYou can also Register For Smart Worming.


  • Influenza outbreaks are becoming more and more common with 33 occurring in 2014 including one in East Yorkshire
  • In unvaccinated horses influenza can be fatal
  • Tetanus still occurs in unvaccinated horses and is usually fatal
  • We can advise you on vaccination for strangles, herpes virus and West Nile virus


  • All our vets carry a full mouth speculum, the latest motorised equipment and an extensive set of dental rasps.
  • All have had extensive further training in routine dentistry and have full back up and advise from Moses in the hospital and Joe who has passed the BAEDT/BEVA accredited dental technician exam and is working towards Advanced Practitioner Status in Equine Dentistry.
  • Simple dental extractions e.g. wolf teeth can be performed under standing sedation on the yard
  • We are unique in the area in being able to offer direct access to CT and other hospital facilities under the care of your own vet
  • In some cases, more advanced extractions and procedures (e.g. diastema treatment, radiography etc) can be performed at the yard. Please discuss these with the vet at your visit or ring us at the hospital.