Recognition and diagnosis of lameness requires experience and knowledge of the discipline in which your horse(s) compete. All of our on-the-road vets have the appropriate lameness training and expertise to work up simple and more complicated lameness cases and are unique in the North in having direct access to every means of further investigation.  If anyone can get you back competing again quickly, we can.

Lameness investigation may involve a number of procedures which can be performed on your yard:

  • Careful examination of your horse’s conformation
  • Palpation of limbs and back
  • Examination at walk/trot/canter and/or under saddle
  • Nerve or joint blocks
  • X-ray or ultrasound


Referral Team

MRI, CT and Bone Scan

Lameness Investigation

If further investigation is required then you may be better to be seen at the hospital where you can be seen by your vet and/or one of our referral team. Within the hospital you have direct access to MRI, CT and bone scan.

As well as having a hospital farrier we have excellent working relationships with many local farriers and can speak directly to them when required.