Adam Platt

BSc Hons Equine Science

Adam graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BSc in Equine Science, focusing on parasitology, nutrition and exercise physiology including thermal regulation studies. Adam had always wanted to work in an equine laboratory and was delighted to join the Rainbow Equine Team. .

Ian Rogers

BSc Hons Biology

Ian graduated from the University of Hull with a BSc in Biology. Through his undergraduate training he developed an interest in clinical laboratory work and has been working in this area ever since. He has 12 years’ experience in animal health and has particular interests in microbiology, molecular biology, serology and parasitology. He has published in laboratory journals and undergone extensive post-graduate training in microbiology and parasitology. Ian moved to Rainbow in 2015 to supervise the development of the equine laboratory.

Ali Gardner

BSc Hons MSc Equine Management

Ali has always been involved with horses and gained a BSc in Equine Management followed by an MSc in Equine Science from Aberystwyth University. As part of her Masters she spent time at The University of Liverpool researching antimicrobial effectiveness against biofilms in equine chronic wounds. This fuelled her ambition to work within an equine clinical laboratory and be involved in veterinary medicine and she tells us it was dream come true to join the Rainbow Laboratory team in April 2017.

Amie Anderson

BSc Hons Equine Management

Aimee graduated from Bishop Burton College in 2019 with a BSc in Bioveterinary Science, focusing on immunology, molecular biology and laboratory and veterinary diagnostics. The final two years of practical laboratory work honed her interest in working within a clinical laboratory setting; specifically for veterinary medicine. Aimee joined the Rainbow team in May 2019 as a Laboratory Technician.

Maria Markham

MBiochem in Biochemistry

Maria graduated from the University of York in 2017 with an MBiochem in Biochemistry after working on research into congenital neutropenia in yeast models and photofragmentation of flavins. She later spent a year at the University of York as a molecular and cell biologist looking at cell stress and death and methods of causing and attenuating this. After leaving academia she was thrilled to join the team at Rainbow in summer 2019.

Christie Hewitt

BSc Hons Biomedical Science

Christie graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with BSc in Biomedical Sciences. She then completed an MSc in Biomedical Sciences specialising in blood sciences and spent time researching the effect of steroid hormones on coagulation factors. She then worked in clinical trial specimen management before joining the Rainbow team in June 2019.