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Intern and Extern Program

Veterinary Internship Program

Rainbow Equine Hospital offers an 18-month internship program. There are four interns who live on site 365 days a year. The internship program is open to all new and recently graduated veterinary applicants but in the first instance we would encourage any prospective applicants to visit the hospital as part of our externship program prior to applying.

Our internship program has served as the pathway for progression into first opinion equine ambulatory practice, specialist racehorse practice at home and abroad, as well as residencies in equine surgery, diagnostic imaging, and internal medicine specialities.

We encourage and expect all our interns to complete and publish a first author research paper or case report, we will provide ample resources and mentoring throughout to support this.

Position Available:

INTERNSHIP: The 18-month internship position will start 1st February 2024 at Rainbow Equine Hospital. Open to MRCVS registered veterinary surgeons, including new graduates, with equine experience.

The successful applicant will undergo a rotating discipline internship as part of a four-person internship team. The disciplines are anaesthesia, lameness and poor performance, intensive care, and elective hospital cases. The internship is a robust and practical internship in which you are working as part of a busy team seeing in emergencies, maintaining client communication, and ensuring a high standard of care for hospitalised patients. To be able to work as part of a team is essential.

If you are interested in the role, please apply to Lorraine Colgan: [email protected] with the names of two current veterinary related referees.

Externship Program

Welcome to the Rainbow Equine Hospital.

We are pleased to offer an externship programme to assist with student’s extramural studies. Undergraduates and some graduates come to us to “see practice” or as part of a more formal externship.

An enthusiasm for equine veterinary science is important as is a general commitment to hard work and a willingness to learn. Within the hospital you will work closely with the intern team but also work directly with our team of specialists and highly experienced nurses.

You should remember that we are a private practice not a teaching hospital so you will primarily be observing rather than doing. However, we will aim to help you gain experience in practical techniques, particularly if you are with us as an extern. You should be tactful, wait to be invited to do things and if we deem it appropriate and there is time then we will give you the opportunity to be more hands-on.

Our clinicians and nurses will help to explain and discuss cases and procedures as we go. We know that students visit our practice to learn, and we try to facilitate this as much as possible. At the busiest times you may find far more value from discussing cases at quieter moments. We are all approachable and encourage you to come and speak to us about anything you don’t understand.

We are here to help you put into practice what you have been taught in a clinical setting. We expect you to be responsible as part of the hospital team when you are with us, courteous to both clients and staff and most importantly to ensure the safety of yourself, our staff and our patients. Be ready to ask questions, be asked questions and contribute to discussions about cases on the road and at the hospital. The hospital is very informal, and we want you to feel involved. Please ensure that you make it clear if you are experiencing difficulties, do not understand what you have been asked to do, or generally feel out of your depth in any way at all. We have all been there in the past!

To apply for an externship please email Kirsty on [email protected] and she will try her best to accommodate you. If you wish to be considered for an Internship then our Externship Program is the first step.