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Arranging an appointment at Rainbow Equine Hospital

Clients of the hospital’s on-the-road team can make appointments at the hospital direct with the reception staff in the normal way.

Clients of other veterinary practices who are referred to the hospital are always welcome but will only be seen after contact has been made with their own veterinary surgeon to arrange the referral. Owners that contact the hospital directly, will be asked to discuss referral with their own veterinary surgeon before an appointment can be made.

We are happy to provide second opinions but will always handle them in a professional and ethical manner and will make contact with the primary veterinary surgeon.

Once the referring vet has spoken to one of our hospital team, a plan of likely investigation and treatment and an estimate of the likely costs involved will be provided. One of our team of receptionists will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time for an appointment.

What to bring

  • A copy of your insurance claim form, if applicable, with the owner section completed
  • Your horse’s passport (this is a legal requirement)
  • Tack if you are being seen for a lameness assessment
  • Appropriate rugs if the horse is staying in
  • Medications or supplements that you wish the horse to have whilst with us

Under current legislation, all horses must have a passport. Please bring it with you so that it can be checked on admission. According to EU law, many drugs can only be administered if that part of the horse’s passport that certifies that the animal is not for human consumption has been signed. Whilst we will not decline treatment of your horse if the passport is unavailable, we will treat your horse as though you have agreed that it will not be used for human consumption. It will be your responsibility to complete the passport, when it becomes available, to this effect.

Insurance considerations to address before your appointment

  • Notify your insurance company and, if you are insured for vet’s fees, initiate a claim
  • Check your insurance documentation to determine your level of cover
  • Determine whether there are any exclusions*
  • Check whether there are procedures which require pre-authorisation
  • Check whether you are covered for livery and nursing fees

*Bear in mind that you do not need to have claimed for an exclusion to be placed on your policy. Conditions that existed or were treated prior to your previous renewal are also likely to be excluded.

If you are uncertain about any insurance matters then please speak to our dedicated insurance team BEFORE your appointment.

Arriving at the hospital

If you are running late for your appointment, then please phone us. We understand that this can be inevitable and the more warning you give us the more likely we are to be able to rearrange things for you.

On arrival please report to reception, preferably before unloading your horse.

You are welcome to leave your trailer or lorry but please:

  • Tell reception the registration number of your box or trailer
  • Ask a member of staff where to leave your box or trailer
  • Accept that it is left entirely at your own risk and that The Rainbow Equine Hospital can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.

Whilst your horse is hospitalised

You will be updated daily by one of our interns on how your horse is and how diagnosis and treatment are progressing. Periodically the member of the referral team responsible for your horse will also contact you. Updates are normally provided by mid-morning after daily ward rounds and treatments have been carried out.

You are welcome to visit your horse during its stay at the hospital during normal office hours 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am -12pm on Saturdays.  In certain circumstances, and by prior arrangement, visiting can be permitted outside these hours.

Please do not feed or walk out your horse without checking with the hospital staff.

For safety reasons do not enter any stable which has a radioactive warning sign on the door.

Do not enter the stable if your horse is in isolation.

Please respect the confidentiality and privacy of the other owners and their horses.

Discharge from the hospital

At the time of discharge from the hospital you will be given a written set of discharge instructions. These written instructions will also be copied to your veterinary surgeon.

A full report will be sent to your veterinary surgeon within days outlining the details of any investigations and treatment that your animal has undergone and when requested a copy of the report will also be submitted to your insurance company.

General Admission Information