Covid-19 Update: LATEST GUIDANCE

Aug 11, 2020

As the Covid 19 lockdown period continues, the guidance from our governing bodies has been updated due to the extended period of time during which services will be restricted.  As a result,with effect from Tuesday 14th April, we will be following the updated advice from our governing body.  We will now be performing RISK ASSESSED work that is vital for equine health and welfare and this will include equine vaccinations, where the deadline is due imminently.

It is now considered appropriate to perform vaccinations as it is important to minimise the risk of an equine outbreak during this extended period of lockdown but in all circumstances this maywill only be done where it is considered safe to do so. Permitted vaccinations will not include 6 month competition booster vaccinations which are not deemed to be essential at this current time.  Individual risk assessments will be carried out before any visit and we will discuss with you the outcome of these to ensure that you fully understand the social distancing measures that must be put in place.  We will not arrange a visit until we are entirely happy that we can ensure the safety of all involved.

Safety and distancing measures for vaccinations and other services where applicable will include :

– ensuring that your horse is tied up waiting prior to arrival

– the passport should be left out ready beside the stable/horse

– where a client is present this should be ONE person per visit (strictly no children or pets are to be present)

– a physical distance of 10m will be maintained where possible

– we will liaise with you across a 10m distance or by telephone

– if you are self-isolating or confirmed to have Covid 19 you SHOULD NOT be present at all and we will consider bringing a second practice member to assist safely


This does not mean that we can return to business as normal and we will assess all work remotely before determining if a visit is necessary. Wherever possible work will be by telemedicine consultations/phone calls. If work is non-essential and in the short term, no significant impact on equine welfare is likely to occur, then that work should continue to be delayed in line with the current RCVS advice. (This will include routine dental work, pre-purchase examinations, low grade lameness and poor performance investigations).

We are doing everything we can to safeguard human and equine health and welfare and to comply with the government guidelines.  We are keen to provide your horses with the care they may need but we will ensure at all times that we can ensure the safety of our vets and nurses, your own health and that of the general public. Thank you for all your help in complying with these regulations and for your loyalty to the practice in these difficult times.

We have great respect for our medical colleagues and we are extremely concerned about the continuing pressures that the coronavirus outbreak is putting on the NHS and the most vulnerable members of our society. It is imperative that we continue to protect our staff, clients and their families and to be socially responsible and we will do everything we can to continue to uphold the directions of the government to help control the spread of Covid-19.

This advice will be kept under constant review and updated in line with government guidelines.