The provision of general anaesthesia at Rainbow Equine Hospital is overseen by Kate Loomes BVSc MSc CertAVP(EP) CertAVP(VA) Dip ECVAA MRCVS who is an European Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia. We are the only equine hospital in North to have a specialist in equine anaesthesia within the hospital team. With an increasingly busy surgical caseload and the advancing complexity of modern surgical techniques, the ability to provide comprehensive monitoring and tailored anaesthetic and analgesic techniques is paramount during surgery and throughout the post-operative period.

The full range of monitoring methods are routinely employed for every horse undergoing general anaesthesia in our hospital. Our modern monitoring equipment includes ECG which monitors heart rate and rhythm, capnography which monitors ventilation, pulse oximetry which measures oxygen saturation in arterial blood, direct blood pressure measurement and inspired and expired concentrations of oxygen and anaesthetic gases.

Controlled mechanical ventilation is available to assist horses to breathe during long periods of general anaesthesia and arterial blood gas analysis enables the respiratory function of the horse to be accurately monitored.

The recovery period of the horse is closely monitored by the anaesthetist and head and tail ropes are available to assist horses to stand should this be necessary in certain cases such as after colic surgery or after more complicated orthopaedic procedures such as fracture repair.