We are really sorry that it has been necessary to suspend equine influenza vaccination during the current crisis. This is not a decision that we take lightly as our entire professional careers have centred upon animal welfare and protection against some nasty diseases such as equine influenza. However, we now find ourselves having to act with human health at the top of our agendas and we strongly feel that it is important to do the right thing and limit social contact unless there is a current or imminent threat to equine welfare. We hope you agree that, although of great importance, equine vaccination is simply not a higher priority than limiting the spread of coronavirus amongst the human population. The risk of influenza and other equine infectious disease is also further limited in the coming months by the decreased activity and mixing that will inevitably occur.

Therefore, along with most other equine practices, we are following guidelines from the government and our professional bodies, meaning that routine vaccination is not a reason for essential travel and increased risk. We are assured by the vaccine manufacturers that when the world returns to a more normal structure, that “vaccine amnesties” will then be offered to all such that a new course of vaccinations can be recommenced at the cost of a single booster.

We hope you understand and sympathise with our approach to vaccination. Beating human coronavirus should be THE priority for us all right now. Be assured that we will continue to deal promptly with any serious equine injuries and diseases through this difficult time.

If you have any concerns with your horse or need some advice, please feel free to ring our office on 01653 695743 and a vet will call you back.