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  • The Middleton Hunt usually has around 10 horses ‘in work’ through out the trail hunting season. The work these horses is put through is very demanding and inevitably mishaps and accidents occur. We have used the Rainbow Practice for many years because we find the depth of experience as well as the breadth of their team means everything from the routine to the dreaded, ‘never seen that before’, is diagnosed quickly and accurately.

    Author's imagePaul SmithMiddleton Hunt.
  • When our youngster had a barbed wire injury which exposed his tendon sheath, we took him through to Rainbow at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. He was seen immediately and experienced 5 star treatment during his stay. The wound healed well with no infection and no scar.

    Author's imageRuth Russell

  • I would like to thank everyone at Rainbow for the fantastic care you gave to our broodmare Mary and the kind consideration shown to us all when things could have gone so wrong, these past few days, and when she was admitted with colic previously.

    Moses, Brian and the rest of the team, saved Mary from a twisted gut with major surgery, and things at that time looked very bleak. We feel that Gracie (foal) is a measure of success of that operation and the brilliant clinical care she received afterwards.

    When we brought Mary home to convalesce, advice was always available to us and I’m sure that, on occasions, we pestered the vet too much in our anxiety, but there were no complaints. We cannot thank you all enough and we will always choose Rainbow because of your care and expertise.

    Author's imageMrs McPartlandHull
  • Friendly, accommodating staff with a with a great passion for all the animals that they treat “”Rainbow have ‘mended’ our horses for over twenty years.
    We have had laughs, and tears, but I know the whole team at Rainbow pull together for a successful result.Our horses are family (quite a big family now!) though it’s good to know that the Rainbow team are there for us any hour of the day or night, and nothing is too much trouble.

    The Rainbow team have undertaken groundbreaking surgical work on several occasions on our horses, which I am sure would have been rejected elsewhere.
    Our team compete the length and breadth of the country, Rainbow Equine Hospital is well known, and respected wherever we go.

    Author's imageAlyse Clancey
  • I have had reason to visit Rainbow on several occasions now and have always received helpful, friendly advice from very competent and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend!!

    Author's imageKaren